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Striving for Excellence

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Positive behaviour for learning

At Kingswood South Public School our student welfare system is centred on our values of be safe, be a learner, be respectful.

An integral part of the student welfare system is the school level system.

Level system 

All students start the school year at green level and have the opportunity to progress to bronze, silver, gold and platinum levels during the course of the school year. orange and red levels are allocated on the basis of a significant need to improve behaviour.

During our assemblies, students are able to receive a number of different awards, including their bronze, silver, gold and platinum awards for behaviour. Academic awards are given out for reasons specific to learning.

At our monthly whole school assemblies, students are also able to be nominated for our aussie of the month award for outstanding citizenship, as well as the writer of the month award.

Our assemblies are held each week on Wednesdays at 2pm. They alternate between K-2 assemblies, 3-6 assemblies and our monthly whole school assembly.